Hip Surgery

lifestyle Mar 09, 2022

I have lots of new friends on Instagram who have inquired about my hip injury so I wanted to give my story a permanent spot. I am going to go into more detail and even share the vulnerable side of things ... who even am I? Here goes nothin' I guess!

I'll start the story be prefacing with that I have always had hip pain. Nothing crazy, but I remember as a young athlete I would be training off-ice with my lovely/wonderful/amazing trainer Mike Keating (BIG SHOUTOUT TO MIKE)! I would often complain of tight hips and would hear a popping when doing core exercises such as leg lifts. Literally, nothing to be alarmed of, so I kept on keeping on. 

Fast forward, at least a decade later - I'm now training my own athletes. The pain in my hips begins to increase over time. I chalk this up to being from many many hours of skating as I coach. It's the end of off-season (July 2021). I go to do a left over right crossover and I feel like my lower back is holding my leg on, I can hardly lift it. OUCH! I see a physician who informs me I most likely have a torn labrum. He prescribes me time off the ice and even time off of my feet to see if this help remedy the pain. No such luck, a month later an MRI result shows I do in fact have a torn labrum in my left hip. AND an x-ray result shows I have a severe case of developmental dysplasia (something that I was born with). 

Here is where life gets tricky ... I make a living from coaching power skating. Wildly enough it is my full time gig! (I'm so grateful for this). But, with that said, if I'm not on the ice, I'm not making money. If I have this hip injury then I shouldn't really be skating ... lots of decisions needed to be made. And honestly through this I learned A LOT about being self employed and out of work (this was not what I did, but good info for the future). I also learned a lot about myself when it came to resilience and determination. I'll get into all the business-ey chat at another time. 

The big decision was made. My surgeons asked me not to skate, my body was also asking me not to skate. This was not an option. I trialed and tested how much my body could handle, it really wasn't much. I decided to halt almost all Katy Jo Power Skating private and semi-private lessons; no camps, no clinics. The ice I allotted myself was given to working with my teams once a week. I skated at seven practices a week for Colorado Thunderbird teams and when I was able or needed I would skate with the girls at Team Colorado. I have to be honest, there were days when I could barely walk. I sometimes would make it to practice and sometimes I just couldn't do it. I must say I'm grateful for my body getting me through more practices than not and I'm even more grateful for the staff, coaches, players, and parents for understanding the battle I was having with chronic pain. 

I ended up scheduling surgery for January 20th, 2022. I had an outpatient surgery to have my left hip labrum repaired. All went wonderful and well, although my surgeon highly recommended I also fix the dysplasia. With the severity of my dysplasia my labrum would continue to be at risk for tearing. Soooo, six days later on January 26th, 2022 I went back under with my second surgeon to fix the dysplasia. You guys, this procedure was way more intense than I even knew. Essentially, in non medical terms, he broke my pelvis in three areas and reset my femur into the joint straight and secured it back together with 3 giant titanium screws. It's called a Ganz Osteotomy or PAO.

Post Ganz surgery was AWFUL! I'm not being dramatic. Literally, awful. I could not walk without assistance from crutches and a full size adult (thanks mom) with a gait belt on for at least a week. I could not lay flat, I could not control the pain. I'm so blessed to have friends that pep talked me through it and reminded me the pain was temporary as they too are hockey players who have had this procedure (thanks Karen)! After about a week and half, I was able to stand up and sit down without assistance and at least fulfill basic needs without needing to be carried around with a belt. OMG! Humbling experience let me tell ya! 

Anyway, I'm now six weeks post op. I'm out of the brace and off of the crutches. SUPER EXCITING! I'm getting around with a slight limp but working very hard in physical therapy to regain that skating strength. I'm very much looking forward to getting back to the ice! The most exciting part is I think I'm going to be able to finally for the first time in my life, skate pain free!

If you've read through this, thank you for taking the time! 


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