No Ice? No Problem : Effective Off-Season Training Without Access to Ice

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Not all skaters have an off-season with constant access to ice, this obstacle poses challenges with keeping up with training and skill development. However, with the right tools and a well-structured plan, you can transform your off-season into a period of growth & improvement.

Enter the Stryde Hockey PowerSkater (the training device EVERY hockey players should own)! This revolutionary tool essentially brings the ice to you; in your living room, garage, basement ...  it can be used virtually anywhere you are! I've developed 25+ workouts specifically designed for skaters using the Stryde Hockey PowerSkater machine. These workouts are crafted to enhance your skating mechanics, build strength, and refine your skills off-ice so that when the rink reopens or you find your way back to the ice, you're ready to hit the ground running—or rather, skating. Let's dive into how you can develop proper skating habits off-ice that will seamlessly translate to on-ice performance & five essential elements you should incorporate into your off-season training!

No Ice? No Problem! Training 101

The key to effective off-ice training is to simulate the proper mechanics & intensity of on-ice skating. The PowerSkater is designed to do just that. By mimicking the skating stride & resistance, this machine allows you to develop the same muscle groups and movement patterns you'd use on the ice.

  • Stride Mechanics: Focus on perfecting your stride. The PowerSkater helps you develop a powerful and efficient stride by allowing you to practice full extensions & proper recoveries.
  • Balance and Stability: Off-ice training with the PowerSkater enhances your balance & stability, critical for maintaining control on the ice. Control is a main component of speed! 
  • Endurance: Build your endurance by incorporating interval training. Short bursts of high-intensity workouts followed by rest periods will replicate the intense pace of your game.
  • Strength: The variety of resistance bands on the PowerSkater can be adjusted to increase the difficulty, helping you build muscle strength. Not only is there a main focus on the skating muscle strength, particularly the core, quads, glutes, & hamstrings, but the workouts do incorporate cross training drills to better overall athleticism. 


the KJPS five for no-ice, no problem training! 

Strengthen The Body with KJPS Mechanics in Mind - 

  1. Strengthen the Skating Legs : Squats, lunges, & plyometric exercises will do, but why not add the skating movements to build the perfect training system that will transition for the most effective result once the ice become available to you again. 

  2. Build the Core : Incorporating planks, russian twists, and medicine ball throws to strengthen your core; but why not fine tune the core as it is the 'core' essential muscle for stability & power on the ice.

  3. Upper Body : Don't neglect your upper body. The basic push-ups, pull-ups, & resistance band exercises can help build the upper body strength needed for stick handling and shooting, but also be mindful that solid arm strength provides tension needed so legs can't match the arm movement when working on the stride. (Read more on arm movement HERE).

  4. Flexibility and Mobility : Stretching & mobility exercises are crucial for preventing injuries and improving your range of motion. Yoga and dynamic stretching routines should be part of your regular training! These exercises can also be great go-to's for 'active recovery' on the days you aren't training your stryde! 

  5. Cardio and Endurance : Regular cardio workouts such as running, cycling, or high-intensity interval training (HIIT) are great for maintaining and improving your cardiovascular endurance, but why not train while adding in the skating or stride factor as you head into training camp or tryouts come August/September. The only off-ice training device for this is the PowerSkater.

Strengthening the Mind with the KJPS Methods in Mind

  1. Visualization : Spend time visualizing your performance on the ice. Imagine how you can mindfully implement your off-season training as you perform perfect plays, scoring goals, or making crucial in-game decisions. Visualization can enhance your mental preparation & confidence.

  2. Mindfulness and Meditation : Practice mindfulness or meditation to improve focus, reduce stress, & enhance mental clarity. These practices can help you stay calm and composed during high-pressure situations on the ice.

  3. Game Analysis : Watch and analyze your game. Watch for pros & cons amongst your skillset. Make a list of development needs so you can plan your off-season training to fix the bad habits & fill any voids your game may have. Also, analyze hockey games in general. Pay attention to positioning, strategies, & decision-making. This can improve your understanding of the game and help you anticipate plays better.

  4. Set Goals : Setting specific, measurable goals for your off-season training can keep you motivated & focused. Track your progress & don't forget to celebrate your achievements!

  5. Mental Toughness : Challenge yourself with difficult workouts (especially on your PowerSkater) to build mental toughness. Pushing through tough stride training sessions can translate to increased resilience on the ice & help you to maintain proper second-nature habits when the fatigue sets in. 

Strengthen Your Love/Joy for the Game!

  1. Skill Development : Use the off-season to work on specific skills that you enjoy or want to improve. This can reignite your passion for the game and give you something to look forward to.

  2. Fun Activities : As you are grinding this off-season incorporate fun, hockey-related activities into your routine, such as street hockey, inline skating, or just shooting pucks. Keeping it fun can help maintain your enthusiasm for the game.

  3. Team Activities : Stay connected with your teammates. Organize off-season meetups - get the guys or gals over to your place for group PowerSkater workout. Keep the team spirit alive!

  4. Watch Hockey : Stay engaged with the sport by watching professional games, highlights, and documentaries. Learning from the pros and reliving great moments can inspire you and keep your passion forging. 

  5. Rest & Recovery : Take time to rest & recover. Avoid burnout by balancing intense training with relaxation & recovery. Enjoy other hobbies (I know most of my athletes will be hitting the golf course). Don't forget to spend time with family and friends to maintain a healthy balance.

With these strategies, your off-season can become a time of significant growth and improvement. By utilizing the Stryde Hockey PowerSkater and incorporating these training essentials, you'll be well-prepared to return to the ice stronger, faster, & more skilled. No ice? No problem. Let's tackle the off-season development from literally anywhere! 

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