ON-DEMAND Updates | Live Lessons & Training Templates

powerskating Jun 14, 2024

At Katy Jo Power Skating, I am dedicated to providing you with the most effective virtual learning experience possible. Today, I am thrilled to announce TWO groundbreaking updates designed to take your learning journey to the next level! Daily Live Lesson & Training Template. These additions are crafted to ensure you get the most out of my ice time lessons & how to combine my training methods to a structured path of individual mastery. Now, let’s dive into what makes these new features so transformative!

Daily Live Lesson : Real-Time Learning 

Imagine the energy & engagement of being on the ice for one of my lessons, now available to you, from wherever you may be in the world. With Daily LIVE Lesson, I am bringing the ice to you, live & in real-time. Here’s why you’ll love it:

  • Interactive Sessions : each time I touch the ice, I will post live lessons where you can view me teaching the concept, you can view any questions asked by participants, & see instant feedback as to common correction I give & coaching cues I have for specific skating skills. This interaction fosters a deeper understanding of the material!
  • Dynamic Content : My live lessons are designed to be flexible & responsive to most skaters needs. Whether it's diving deeper into complex topics, exploring new concepts, or revisiting challenging areas, KJ will tailor each session to provide maximum value!

Daily Live Lesson isn’t just about learning; it’s about creating an immersive & engaging educational experience that adapts to your needs & pace. This new feature ensures that every day you log in to your KJPS library, you’re greeted with fresh, interactive content that keeps you motivated & inspired. 

The Training Template : Your Path to Mastery

I am also excited to introduce the Training Template. This comprehensive curriculum is your blueprint for success, designed to help you practice, refine, & master essential skills systematically. Here’s how the Training Template will supercharge your learning :

  • Structured Curriculum : Over the off-season, you’ll follow a carefully curated schedule of lessons & drills. This structure ensures you cover all necessary topics comprehensively, without feeling overwhelmed, & learn how they applied directly to your game.
  • Trackable Progress : The Training Template allows you to monitor your progress, celebrating your milestones & identifying areas for improvement. This feature turns abstract goals into tangible achievements, motivating you to keep pushing forward.
  • Focused Practice : Each curriculum includes specific drills & exercises designed to reinforce the lessons. By focusing on targeted practice, you can hone your skills & build confidence in your abilities.
  • Flexible and Adaptable : While the Training Template provides a clear path, it also offers the flexibility to adapt to your individual learning style & pace. You can revisit sections, spend more time on challenging areas, or accelerate through topics you master quickly.

Why I Added These Updates : In today’s fast-paced hockey hustle culture, effective learning solutions must be engaging, tangible, adaptable& most of all effective. With Daily Live Lesson and the Training Templates, I am providing a natural approach that combines the best of real-time interaction & structured practice. Here’s why this matters to you!

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