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Module 1 is built for those who have limited to no skating experience; by the end of module 1 you will have you comfortable and up to speed.

Modules 2 - 4 will cover basic technique of general skating skills, every seasoned skater can use these modules to refine habits.

Modules 5 - 6 are the skating skills that are all the rave in today's game!  

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The contents in this course are written by Katy Jo West and Katy Jo Power Skating, LLC. The information is designed for hockey players to develop a strong base of skating fundamentals to help progress towards individually set goals.

The material and content in the KJPS Online Course are for general skating improvement and are recommended for use by players learning how to skate and those looking to gain basic knowledge of skating technique.

Katy Jo Power Skating, LLC is not liable for any misinterpretation or misuse of information provided, or for any injuries that may occur while using the guide. Katy Jo Power Skating, LLC does not assume any risk for your use of this information as such material or content that may not contain the most recent information. It is a guideline which has emerged through personal experience, player experience, Professional Skater’s Association education, and where possible, scientific literature.

No part of this course may be reproduced, sold, or transmitted without prior written consent of the creator. That includes no reproduction electronically, digitally, mechanically, photo copying, printing, recording, or by any other means.