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The Power Pack

A lot of you have been asking how I came back to the ice and how I'm skating so well after surgery. I have to be honest, I ditched my PT guy and have been rehabbing at home using this system. 

There is so much medical science that goes into all of this but essentially I've been using the Compex to build strength (not the typical 'cool-down' setting), and I've been using this Red Light Therapy wrapped around my hip daily. The Red Light has promoted extra blood flow to not only heal the breaks in my pelvis but also reduce the scarring. This pack also comes with THE BEST jars of pain cream and I feel so lucky to have it as it is not sold in stores. 

This pack also comes with coaching by the #1 Compex trainer in the country to teach you how to use the system! It's no brainer for convenient, efficient, & effective training! 

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Foot Recovery Socks

I use these socks every single day along with the splay toe spreaders to encourage foot recovery after long sessions in skates. The acupressure points in these socks promote circulation by stimulating nerves. I have noticed significant difference in foot fatigue since I've started using these recovery socks! 

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These are the shorts I wear on & off the ice to support  low back, pelvis, hip, and groin areas while optimizing motion control. ESPECIALLY the hip! As most know I had two major hip surgeries in January 2022. CoreShorts are what helped me get back. I will continue wearing my CoreShorts for extra support and injury prevention. Be sure to use my discount code KATYJO15 for 15% off at checkout!

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Pink Overalls

Y'all have been loving the pink snowsuit! It kind of started as a joke ... when I was coming back to the ice after surgery I needed some thing extra to keep my body warm, so I pulled out the pink sherpa jumpsuit as a method of extra warmth for the busted up hip. Now they're a total hit! A staple piece really! I will make mention that it also comes in other colors if pink isn't 'you'.

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On-Ice Markers

These are the markers that I use on the ice to create drill patterns. These are sure to help your skaters through drill directions and keep the rink staff happy as they don't stain the ice! They are washable yet visible when drawing on the ice. 

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