Heart of Hockey

blogpost powerskating Jun 28, 2024

Hey Friends!

I hope you all are having an amazing summer! I want to share a quick story & explain why my coaching style might be a bit different from a general power skating coach. 

I want to begin with this; if you ever find yourself on the ice with me, know that you’re not just another skater in a sea of players. You’re an individual with unique potential, & together, we’ll unlock that potential and achieve great things. I’m here to help my athletes grow not just as skaters, but as people. I’m here to build trust, set high expectations, & celebrate progress! 

Story time! So, picture this; last week I’m getting ready to start a skate when one of the players comes onto the ice looking confused. He told me he felt out of place because the other skaters seemed younger. Honestly, I was a little shocked & maybe slightly irritated. Here’s why: the past year has been a whirlwind for me. I was blessed with the most perfect baby boy in February, but post-pregnancy, I discovered some deeper health issues that have needed my attention. Because of this, every single moment I get to spend on the ice is incredibly precious to me. 

Anyway, as the skate began, I ended sharing an experience with the group about a Division 1 athlete who would always ask what ice I had each week in the off-season. He ended up skating sessions with Peewee’s just to receive extra ice time under my instruction. This D1 player didn’t care about the age or skill level of the other skaters; he just wanted to improve! Remember friends, skating isn’t about comparing yourself to others—it’s all about personal growth & dedication to your individual needs. 

As I’ve had lots of time to soul search recently, I’ve come to some conclusions about my coaching that I’d like to share … 

One thing that sets my coaching apart is how I use MY OWN proven methods tailored to each athlete’s needs. I love getting to know each of my skaters personally, understanding their strengths, weaknesses, & goals. This individualized approach means every athlete gets the attention & guidance they need to accomplish mastering their own deficits. It’s not just about drills; it’s about creating a plan that helps each skater reach his or her full potential.

I set high expectations for EVERY skater. It’s because I believe in their potential & I REALLY believe in my coaching! I see what each athlete can achieve, & I know I can help them get there. These high expectations teach athletes not only discipline & resilience, but also joy of achieving their personal best. Every small victory is a step toward greatness, and I’m here to celebrate each one with them. I literally call myself cheerleader / coach! This is an attribute that is a MUST for skating coaches (players often have harsh judgements toward skating sessions).

Trust is everything in a coaching relationship. I make a point to connect one-on-one with my athletes. It’s not just about practice sessions; it’s about conversations & encouragement. By getting to know each skater, I can delve into the importance & understanding of which type of learner each of my athletes may be and cater my lesson plans accordingly. 

My journey with health challenges has taught me the value of every moment & the importance of making a meaningful impact whenever I can. Being a hockey coach is more than a job for me—it’s a passion, a mission, & a source of immense joy. Each time I step onto the ice, it’s a blessing, & I strive to make every practice count, every drill meaningful, & every interaction positive.

I’m so  excited to share that my upcoming camp in Shakopee still has some openings! If you’d like to experience my method of development firsthand, I’d love to have you join me. It’s a fantastic opportunity to see what makes our sessions special & to grow as a skater in a challenging yet supportive & fun environment! JOIN HERE!

Here’s to many more moments on the ice, making every stride count!