Elevating the Standard of Coaching

Apr 05, 2024

Elevating the standard of coaching & ensuring that every athlete has the opportunity to succeed!

As I've been off the ice having a baby, I've been able to take a step back & reflect on my journey as a coach. From pregnancies to surgeries to life's ups & downs, I am reminded of the twists and turns that led me to where I am today. Starting off my career in the realm of power skating, I fell into the path that eventually revealed my true passion : TECHNICAL SKATING for hockey players.

From Power Skating Coach to Technical Skating Expert, my coaching journey began with a focus on power skating, a fundamental aspect of hockey training. Over time, however, I discovered that my strengths and knowledge truly lay in the intricacies of technical skating. This shift marked a pivotal moment in my career, as I delved deeper into coaching skating mechanics and the details of proper form within the skating skills in the game. 

Distinguishing between traditional power skating & more of what is technical expertise, In my blog post titled 'Traditional Power Skating Coach vs Technical Skating Expert',  I delve into the distinctions between the two coaching approaches. While power skating emphasizes a 'go go go' mentality, technical expertise focuses on precision, balance, & efficiency which leads into speed and agility. By understanding these differences, coaches can better tailor their training methods to suit the individual needs of their athletes and athletes can join classes, camps, or skates that best fit their training needs. 

Technical hockey skating is not just a profession for me; it's a passion that drives me to continuously improve & be an innovator in our industry. As the game of hockey evolves, so too must our coaching methods. By prioritizing technical excellence, coaches can help athletes navigate the complexities of modern gameplay with confidence & progressive skill.

The inspiration behind the KJPS Certification Program stemmed from my observations during and after the Covid era. With a surge in specialty skating and skills coaching businesses, I recognized the need for standardized education & qualifications within the industry. Thus, the program was born out of a desire to elevate coaching standards (that didn't seemingly exist), foster a supportive community (as coach to coach competitiveness seems unhealthy & unnecessary), and empower coaches to succeed (as a consistent resource as a friend & as a professional in the same business).

Empowering Coaches / Supporting Athletes: The KJPS Certification Program aims to address several key objectives, including:

  • Providing education & qualifications for coaches : possibly assisting coaches in bridging the gap between technical hockey skating & their respective background (i.e. figure skating, speed skating, or hockey players looking to implement skating specifics). 
  • Establishing standards for technical skating coaches : the idea of this will not only help athletes identify quality coaches but will also coaches help promote themselves as an educated trainer in the field. 
  • Offering continuous development opportunities : as the game evolves, us as coaches have to grow on that same trajectory (or as I believe, anticipate where the game is going so we are training the next generation to be better than where the game currently is). 
  • Creating a supportive community of like-minded coaches : let's link together & help the game grow as a collective unit. 
  • Be a resource for not just on-ice professional but also administrative & business development off of the ice. 

As I continue to champion the importance of technical expertise in hockey coaching, I am constantly reminded of the impact that all coaches have on athletes' lives. By equipping coaches with the knowledge & resources they need to succeed, we can help athletes reach their full potential and achieve their goals on & off the ice.

Are you a coach looking to enhance your skills, boost your resume, and make a positive impact on athletes' lives? I invite you to inquire more about the KJPS Certification Program. My affordable course & supportive network ensure that you'll receive the guidance/resources needed to thrive in with your own coaching career. 

Athletes! Are you looking to train with a qualified technical skating expert this off-season? Check out my website to find a Certified KJPS Coach near you! 

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