Mastering Deceptive Speed

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Speed is often seen as a player's greatest asset. A strategy I often preach goes beyond raw velocity, leaving opponents puzzled and sometimes even struggling to keep up – DECEPTIVE SPEED. This technique involves moving across the ice effortlessly, making it challenging for rivals to accurately gauge one's true speed.

Deceptive speed is not just about flying down the rink at top speed; it's about creating an illusion of ease and efficiency while covering a significant amount of ice per stride or per push. Players who master this skill not only surprise their opponents but also find themselves in prime positions to make game-changing plays!

One key element of deceptive speed is STRIDE EFFICIENCY. Working on stride mechanics with a focus on enforcing smooth, clean, & controlled strides to minimize wasted energy by eliminating extra unnecessary motion. The seemingly effortless glide across the ice allows a skater to maintain a high pace while conserving energy! This deceptive technique is particularly effective during long shifts or game scenarios which require a significant distance of ice to be covered. Working on these efficient skating habits enables players to sustain their performance throughout the game.

Another aspect of deceptive speed is the ability to change pace dynamically, this is what I can STRIDE FREQUENCY. A skater who can seamlessly shift from 'cruising strides' to 'sprinting strides' will be the player that keeps opponents guessing. In the game of hockey it's never just about outright speed but the asset of unpredictability that comes with varying intensity within any given scenario. Rapid acceleration and sudden bursts of speed can catch defenders off guard, creating opportunities for offensive plays.

The final component of deceptive speed I want to cover is; VISIONVision on the ice plays a crucial role throughout the entire game. Players who possess exceptional awareness of their surroundings can exploit open spaces and make split-second decisions. By reading the game well, a player can strategically position certain skating skills within their game. By understanding and mastering the concept of deceptive speed an athlete can create an illusion that keeps their opponents guessing & on their toes. 

Bench coaches often emphasize the importance of deceptive speed in team strategies. By having players who can effortlessly cover the ice with deceptive quickness, teams can potentially gain a strategic advantage. Deceptive speed can disrupt the opponent's defensive structure, therefore opening up opportunities for offensive plays (results : likelihood of scoring increases (yay))! This is why having a technical skating coach is a very important asset to supplement skills training! 


On-Ice with Professional Skating Instruction :

SPECIALIZED SESSIONS | Attend specialized skating technique sessions with a technical skating expert who can provide personalized instruction and corrective feedback to optimize your stride mechanics. Then work with your coach to perform specific skating drills designed to master stride technique of which build foundational habits that support overall skating skills. These drills should start by mastering mechanics and then building strength & power. Remember this easy equation to building the components of speed ... CONTROL + POWER = SPEED. 

VIDEO ANALYSIS | Utilize video analysis with your coach to identify any flaws or inefficiencies in your skating technique. This visual feedback can help pinpoint areas for improvement and track progress over time.

On-Ice & Off-Ice without a Coach  : 

MIRROR OR VIDEO WORK |  Practice skating in front of a mirror or filming yourself to playback. Observe your technique and make adjustments as needed. Focus on maintaining a strong and balanced posture (proper alignment) and then build into efficient push-off with each stride. Keep in mind, power and speed can be added in once technique is fully mastered. 

VISUALIZATION |  Visualize yourself executing smooth and powerful strides while skating. Mental imagery can help reinforce proper technique and improve muscle memory, even when you're not on the ice.

STRYDE.HOCKEY POWERSKATER WORKOUTS | Utilize a Stryde.Hocey Powerskater, if available, to refine your skating technique in a controlled environment. These specialized machines allow you to focus on stride mechanics without worrying about ice availability and other external distractions. A PowerSkater is the ONLY way to build sound stride mechanics, work on setting a a proper skating foundation, and building strength/muscle endurance all in one! 


Basic Strength Training : Incorporate strength training exercises that target the 5 basic muscles I always address in skating, core, quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, & calves.

Mobility & Flexibility : Perform regular stretching and mobility exercises to improve flexibility and range of motion in your hips, groin, and ankles. Increased flexibility can enhance stride and many other skating skills on the ice. 

Cardio Training : Engage in cardiovascular workouts to improve overall fitness and endurance. A strong cardiovascular system supports sustained effort on the ice and facilitates quicker recovery between shifts.

Balance and Coordination : Practice balance and coordination. Some examples; any single-leg exercises, stability ball or balance board exercises, and even agility ladder drills. These will all enhance proprioception and stability on the ice.

For More :

Visit my online course KJPS ON-DEMAND for more on mastering proper skating technique (stride & other skating skills). This self-paced online course will be sure to develop athletes from amateur to elite! Modules within the course contain video lessons, written text to reference proper technique, & visual graphics on how-to set up drill patterns for on-ice training/to inspire drill creativity of your own + SO MUCH!

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