From Zero to Zoom : Edgework for Speed Development

blogpost powerskating Apr 12, 2024

In the pursuit of speed, players & coaches often focus solely on power - pushing limits, building muscle, & honing mostly on explosiveness. However, there is a hidden gem in the quest for speed - EDGEWORK!  Although the aspect of edgework is addressed often within our training, are we truly understanding the root foundation of why we work on edges? Shockingly enough, one critical component is SPEED! Let's amplify overall speed & discuss the effectiveness of edgework drills to produce that speed!


While power is undoubtedly vital for generating speed, control plays an equally crucial role. Control encompasses technique, body awareness, balance, stability - all of which are enhanced through edgework drills. 


Body Awareness : Edgework requires players to be attuned to their body positioning & movements. A player may maneuver through turns, transitions, & directional changes during a game, but developing basic edges will heighten an athletes sense of proprioception - the ability to perceive the position & movement of their body in space. This heightened body awareness translates into better control over their movements, enabling that athlete to execute a variety of maneuvers with precision & efficiency.

Balance : Balance is the cornerstone of control on the ice. Edgework drills challenge players to maintain equilibrium while shifting their weight dynamically from edge to edge, forward & back, and even in some unconventional body positions (as you've likely seen on my Instagram). Through drills that challenge or emphasize edge control, players improve their balance both laterally & goal line to goal line. This enhanced balance enables players to navigate the ice with confidence, reduces the risk of falling & maximizing speed potential.

Stability : Edgework strengthens the stabilizing muscles throughout the lower body, starting with core there is a chain reaction of engagement to the glutes, quads, & hamstrings. These muscles play a pivotal role in maintaining stability & controlling movement on the ice. By incorporating edgework drills into an athletes training regimen, players develop greater muscular stability, enhancing their ability to generate power which will translate into momentum.

Agility : Agility, the ability to change direction rapidly & accurately, is a staple of speed during a game. Certain edgework drills can challenge players to perform quick cuts, pivots, crossovers, & other variations of footwork. As players master the intricacies of edgework, they become more agile & responsive on the ice. The goal is to outmaneuver opponents & accelerate with explosive bursts of speed to create time and space. 

While power provides the raw energy for acceleration, control is the guiding force that channels that energy effectively, maximizing speed potential! Edges are the drills often brought into question by athletes during on-ice skating sessions. We all have heard it, 'when am I going to use this in a game'. Take a look at the example I demonstrated above, if you want to be fast - YOU MUST DO THE WORK ON EDGEWORK! 

For those looking for a resource to refine their edgework skills and take their speed to the next level, I have built an online curriculum through KJPS On-Demand. In the course I have created videos & lessons dedicated to mastering basic edgework, such as inside & outside edges forward & back, single leg edgework, & other advanced edgework drills. The idea is to provide players with an accessible opportunity to establish a solid foundation for building control on the ice. I also upload a weekly video drill to an ever-growing library. These weekly drills often use the KJPS edgework development & directly translates those edges into the skating skills actually used within gameplay. CLICK HERE For More Info on KJPS ON-DEMAND!