Katy Jo Power Skating

Coaches Certification Course

Launch & Grow

Launch and grow a thriving power skating business! All the tools you need to build a business and train under techniques and methods of Katy Jo Power Skating. 

Study & Master

Study and master technical skating mechanics and corresponding drills to achieve and teach the major power skating points that make the top hockey players the best. 

Become a Trusted Coach

Become a trusted coach that players and parents are confident in hiring based on the background and training you've received from Katy Jo Power Skating. 

Jumpstart Your Business!

Embark on an enriching coaching journey with our comprehensive online certification course, where coaches delve into the intricacies of power skating techniques and strategies. Learn to teach proper habits and techniques to your athletes, translating these skills seamlessly into game scenarios. With access to ever-evolving education, coaches stay ahead of the curve, receiving updates on techniques needed for the rapidly growing sport of hockey. The course goes beyond the rink, offering insights on building lasting relationships with clients, player, programs, & organizations. Additionally, coaches gain expertise in leveraging social media for growth and monetization.  This course also fosters a vibrant coaching community, where like-minded professionals support and lean on one another, creating a collaborative environment that enhances the experience for all who share a passion for ice hockey!

Virtual Trainings

10 Units, 2 Levels, All Online.

Become a technical skating expert from home!


No Timelines, No Pressure.

Dive into training on your own time with a self-paced course.

Individual Meetings

Tailor your learning experience with personalized coaching.

Connect directly  through virtual calls.

Building Business

Elevate your business.

together we craft a plan to align with your career goals, ensuring a path to success.

Social Media Consulting

Build your online presence and discover strategies to monetize your coaching brand through expert guidance.

Administrative Templates

Access KJPS administrative templates for a seamless coaching experience. Streamline your backend processes effortlessly.

Enhance Resume

Joining the KJPS Coaches Certification adds prestige, showcasing your commitment to excellence in power skating coaching.


Let's boost your coaching business!

Leverage our platform to enhance your reach and visibility in the power skating community.

Continued Education

Stay ahead with our ever-evolving information library. Access updated insights as the game & power skating progresses.

Host Camps

Expand your coaching experience and make a significant impact in the power skating community, collaborate as a guest coach alongside Katy Jo.

Master Level

Explore the possibility of hosting your own KJPS Coaches Certification in the future. Be a leader in shaping the next generation of coaches with this opportunity.


Encourage & uplift one another to foster a collaborative environment, strengthening the bonds within any hockey community.

From The Ice & Beyond.

Creating a Top Coaching Business. Your Complete All-in-One Course for Coaching Success. 

Meet Our Certified Instructors!