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12 Modules of Lessons.

A self-paced online course that will be sure to develop any athlete from amateur to elite! 

Modules contain video lessons, written text to reference proper technique, & visual graphics on how-to set up drill patterns for on-ice training/to inspire drill creativity of your own + SO MUCH MORE!

Preliminary Level | Module 1

This online course initiates with a two-part series of essentials : Introduction to TERMINOLOGY & Technical CONCEPTS. These segments focus on establishing foundational skills by familiarizing participants with key vocabulary and core principles used throughout the course. Introduction to Terminology clarifies specialized language, while Technical Concepts builds fundamental framework, ensuring learners are well-equipped to navigate the subsequent modules with confidence!

Preliminary Level | Module 2

Following the foundational modules, this online course swiftly immerses participants in THE BASIC SKILLS crucial for both seasoned & beginner skaters. Whether seeking to fortify proper skating foundation or initiating newcomers into the world of power skating within ice hockey, this segment provides a comprehensive guide to mastering the basics and ensuring a solid grasp on fundamental skating mechanics!

Intermediate Level | Module 3 & 4 

Modules 3 and 4 seamlessly integrate to form a dynamic duo focusing on STRIDE and concepts of SPEED. Participants engage in a cohesive learning experience, refining their stride techniques and honing their ability to attain optimal speed. These combined units cater to both beginners aiming to develop a strong stride foundation & also experienced skaters eager to enhance their stride efficiency and overall speed! 

Intermediate Level | Module 5

Module 5 of the course takes a distinctive turn as it delves into the intricacies of BACKWARD SKATING! Participants explore the underlying concepts and techniques essential for proficient backward skating, gaining insights into weight distribution, balance, and foot positioning. The module not only introduces the mechanics of skating backward but also explores a series of targeted drills designed to cultivate various forms of backward skating. From basic maneuvers & mechanics, learners are guided through a structured curriculum that ensures a comprehensive understanding backward skating skills.

Intermediate Level | Module 6

In Module 6, the course zeroes in on the critical skill of CROSSOVERS, recognizing its pivotal role in the game. This segment meticulously dissects the technical mechanics of both forward and backward crossovers, laying a strong foundation for mastering the skill. Participants are equipped with a nuanced understanding of weight transfer, edge control, and proper body positioning crucial for executing effective crossovers. This modules ensures players are well-prepared to seamlessly integrate this fundamental skill into their game, enhancing agility, speed, and overall performance on the ice.

Intermediate Level | Module 7

Module 7 marks a pivotal juncture in the course, offering an insightful introduction to BASIC EDGEWORK! Participants delve into variations of manipulating edges, learning fundamental techniques that lay the groundwork for more advanced maneuvers. This module serves as a crucial building block, enhancing players control, precision, and strength, & stability on the ice through a focused exploration of basic edgework principles.

Intermediate Level | Module 8

Module 8 is dedicated entirely to the art of STOPPING, presenting a surprising depth of insights into the mechanics behind this seemingly basic skill. Participants discover new perspectives on stopping techniques, unraveling the insane intricacies that contribute to effective blade performance. The module goes beyond conventional approaches, introducing various stopping variations that align with the evolving dynamics of the game.

Advanced Level | Module 9

Module 9 takes a deep dive into ADVANCED EDGEWORK, introducing unconventional and challenging drills designed to push hockey players beyond their comfort zones. These demanding exercises place skaters in uncomfortable positions, systematically testing their balance & body awareness. While these skating skills may not be directly applied in games, they serve a crucial purpose by optimizing strength on feet for overall improved skating performance! 

Advanced Level | Module 10

Module 10 elevates the crossover skill to a higher level by delving into COMPLEX CROSSOVERS. The module begins with a review of the foundational aspects of crossovers, ensuring a solid understanding. Participants then progress to advanced techniques, exploring overspeed crossovers and linear crossovers. By applying the established foundation to these crossover maneuvers, skaters boost their agility and speed, taking their in-game proficiency to the next level!

Advanced Level | Module 11

Module 11 focuses on ACCELERATION, delving into the proper habits of various quickstarts and their strategic application in the game. Participants gain valuable insights into optimizing their 'first three steps' & more, whether initiating movement from a stop or building on existing momentum. This module also provides targeted drills designed to enhance overall second-nature acceleration, empowering skaters with the skills needed to excel in different in-game scenarios. 

Advanced Level | Module 12

Module 12 is dedicated to mastering TIGHT TURNS & TRANSITIONS, two essential power skating skills applicable to various in-game footwork scenarios. The module meticulously breaks down the proper steps for executing tight turns, emphasizing the weight distribution & points of acceleration required at different portions of the turn. Additionally, participants explore the intricacies of various transitions, including general hockey transitions, forward-backward & backward-forward pivots, mohawks, and even 3-turns. By dissecting the steps of these maneuvers, skaters gain a comprehensive understanding of the techniques needed to navigate more ice coverage through these skills & also small-area spaces with seamless footwork between movements, enhancing their overall versatility on the ice!

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Drill Category | On-Ice Strength Training

Drill Focus | Building Strength On-Ice, Body Awareness, Core Activation

DRILL DROPS | 5.10.24

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