Stryde.Hockey From Skeptic to Believer!

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My Journey with PowerSkater in Power Skating Training | May 2023

My journey began with a seemingly out-of-the-blue direct message from Sauce Toss, a company I'd heard of but never interacted with before. They requested a Zoom call to discuss an exciting new training tool. To be honest, I was puzzled. I didn't exactly possess what you might call "hockey hands," and I was unsure what Sauce Toss could possibly use me for, but none the less I was intrigued as Sauce Toss is a well-known brand & I was excited to meet the team.

 As the virtual meeting started, I found myself chatting with the guys behind the PowerSkater, a machine that has been around for years, but a complete new concept to me. They were passionate and confident about the product's potential, but my skepticism remained. I've been coaching power skating for years, honing specific mechanics and techniques, and I couldn't wrap my head around how a machine could accurately replicate the complexities of on-ice movement.

Despite my doubts, I listened intently as they explained the science and design behind the PowerSkater. They assured me that this device wasn't meant to replace traditional power skating training, but rather to complement it. Intrigued by their perspective, I decided to give the PowerSkater a chance. After all, innovation comes from pushing boundaries and embracing the unknown.

My first encounter with the PowerSkater was eye-opening. I stepped onto the machine with a mix of excitement and apprehension. As I glided through the stride motion, I felt a sense of familiarity. It wasn't a perfect replica of hockey skating, but it had a rhythm that resonated with the movement. I was cautiously optimistic, but still unsure of its application in my coaching. UNTIL ... 

I started using the PowerSkater in my training sessions with athletes. I was blown away by how it addressed the fundamental bad habits that many hockey players struggle with in their skating. It forced my athletes to correct their posture, engage their core, and emphasize proper weight distribution—all crucial elements for efficient skating.

My skepticism has transformed into genuine enthusiasm! The PowerSkater has become indispensable tool in my training arsenal. It isn't about replacing traditional coaching methods, but rather using technology to pinpoint and correct the nuances that can be challenging to capture on the ice alone. My athletes continue to improve, not just in terms of speed and power, but in their overall skating mechanics.

If you find yourself intrigued by the journey I've shared, and if you're eager to transform your own power skating skills, I have exciting news for you. You can be part of this movement and enhance your training regimen by purchasing your very own Stryd.os PowerSkater. By using the LINK, you'll not only gain access to cutting-edge technology at a discount but also the opportunity to train alongside me.