Traditional Power Skating Coach vs Technical Skating Expert

blogpost powerskating strydepowerskater Jan 29, 2024

Hockey players around the world have attended power skating camps to enhance their performance on the ice for many generations. These camps are often characterized by an intense focus on speed and agility, with players pushed to their limits in high-paced drills. HOWEVER, there is a growing realization that the traditional go-go-go approach may not be enough to develop the fundamental mechanics and techniques essential for success in the game. 

Traditional power skating camps have been the go-to choice for many hockey players seeking to enhance their on-ice performance, as we all know 'skating the most important skill in the game'. These camps generally boast a one-dimensional focus on speed and conditioning, with the primary goal of somehow in a short period of time refining a player's overall athleticism on the ice. We can all agree that speed is a crucial factor in the fast-paced game of hockey, & conditioning plays a significant role in a player's endurance within a game. However, there is an obvious drawback of this traditional approach as begin to see the amount of skill it takes to succeed in today's game. This is why from an amateur age, I believe skaters should be diving deeper into the intricacies of skating biomechanics and technical aspects of a variety of skating skills. 

One of the primary limitations I find in traditional power skating camps is the tendency to prioritize the outcome over the process. The emphasis on high-intensity drills and fast-paced exercises can overshadow the need for a solid foundation in skating mechanics. As coaches and players are in a rush to build speed & endurance, players may find themselves neglecting the finer details of their stride, edges, footwork, turns, escapes, & other skating skills necessary. When I think of traditional power skating, I notice how it usually falls short in providing comprehensive insights into players technique. Skaters do not receive adequate guidance on how their body movement, mind to muscle connection, weight distribution in the skate, and potentially even blade interaction with the ice contributing to efficiency. 

NOW, why do I recommend you find yourself with a qualified Technical Skating Expert?

It is the way of MODERN HOCKEY! Technical Skating Experts, armed with a deep understanding of biomechanics and technical intricacies, prioritize the building blocks of a solid skating foundation before focusing on speed, agility, quickness, & conditioning. This shift in perspective aims to produce players who not only exhibit exceptional overall speed in the end but also possess the refined technique that is applicable to skating skills used across the board. Every position, every player, every scenario! 

What to look for in a technical skating expert ... a coach who can distinguish themselves by their ability to deconstruct complex skating movements into manageable components, providing players with a deep understanding of the nuances involved in each skating skill. Unlike traditional power skating coaches (who may prioritize quick result), a technical skating expert is able to  recognize the value of breaking down the intricate mechanics of skating for comprehensive skill development. Find an expert who has the ability to break down the complex movements into smaller, more digestible components which are geared appropriately for whomever the on-ice audience may be. By isolating specific elements of the skating skills, they allow players to focus on mastering individual aspects & once these aspects are mastered, then they work on integrating & directly translating these aspects into the game. 

This approach not only makes the learning process more manageable for athletes but also enhances body awareness, understanding of edge control, & proper body positioning on each skill which then becomes a foundation players can build a more efficient and powerful skating style resulting in the speed everyone is seeking! 

The Stryde.Hockey PowerSkater Advantage : In the realm of technical skating expertise, the Stryde.Hockey PowerSkater emerges as a potential game-changer. This revolutionary training machine is designed to build the biomechanics of skating from the ground up, offering players a comprehensive understanding of their stride mechanics. What sets it apart is its focus on foundational skills, ensuring that every aspect of a player's skating technique is addressed. Along with an great Technical Skating Expert, the PowerSkater serves as a versatile tool for not just mastering & improving stride, but it's crucial for strength & development that serve various skating skills crucial in hockey. The convenience and holistic approach the PowerSkater provides makes it a 'no-brainer' asset for players looking to elevate their game by mastering the essential building blocks! 

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